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Yellow Weather Warning Issued With Up To 170mm Of Rain Possible In Places

A yellow weather warning is in place for rain in Scotland until 9pm on Monday night, with up to 170mm (6.7in) of rain possible.

The Met Office said in its warning there is a “small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded”, which may result in damage to buildings.

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Between 40 to 80mm (1.6-2.4in) of rain is expected, with 120 to 170mm (4.7-6.7in) possible overnight in the wettest areas, which may include parts of Argyll, Lochaber and Wester Ross. Strong winds are also forecast.

Where flooding occurs it could also lead to delays or cancellations on train or bus services, as well as difficult driving conditions, the Met Office warned.

The warning covers most of the Scottish Highlands but reaches as far south as the outskirts of Glasgow.

As of 9.30pm on Sunday, there were 10 flood alerts and six flood warnings across Scotland.

Heavy rain and wintry conditions are also due later in the week across the whole of the UK.

Image: A Met Office yellow rain warning for Scotland. Pic: Met Office website “It turns colder across northern areas with showers, which will turn wintry at times especially over higher ground but potentially to lower levels too as the week progresses,” the Met Office said in a statement.

“There is a chance of wintry conditions developing more widely through the second half of next week as rain pushes up from the south for a time, but there is still uncertainty about the details of this.”

Scotland has had to endure repeatedly wet conditions that have resulted in flooding this winter, including after Storm Babet in October when four hundred properties across Angus had to be gutted.

Achfary in northwest Scotland recently recorded a new provisional maximum temperature record of 19.9C for January.